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Nathan Burney was an integral part of the legal team which represented me against in a fraud case brought the US DOJ. To begin with the DOJ delivered nearly 100,000 documents of discovery on a data base system called Summation. My heart sank as I tried to navigate this system. I found it nearly impossible to find the relative handful of documents pertaining to my case in this massive, tedious, slow moving database system. But with days, Nathan was plowing through the discovery and had quickly found key documents which put my case into an entirely different light than had been presented by the DOJ.

When it came time to assess the alleged financial damage of my case, Nathan seemed to transform before our eyes into a CPA, working through our financial statements as if he was an accountant for Price WaterhouseCoopers. But what amazed our team was Nathan's ability to articulate his closing arguments, exposing the absurdity of the government's position, in a manner which completely captivated the entire courtroom. Also, I believe that Nathan's complete lack of arrogance in the courtroom coupled with his methodical research and unhurried delivery, was what won us the day in front of the judge. I cannot say enough good things about Nathan.


Nathan handled a criminal matter on my behalf. I was charged with grand larceny. He was able to get a plea bargain for me that did not include jail time, although the DA's Office had been demanding it as part of a plea. As a former prosecutor, he is very knowledgeable about the workings of the DA's Office. At all times, I felt that he had been straight with me and he didn't give me any false hope. I found him to be a zealous and compassionate advocate. He also has the benefit of working in a firm with other experienced and capable attorneys.



Don't just take our word for it.  Here are some things that former clients and other lawyers have had to say about Mr. Burney:



Nathan Burney is the best!


Your performance was the finest courtroom lawyering I've seen in quite a while.


Defending your rights can be a scary ordeal, but he made me feel at ease and that my case was in good hands, and that he would do all in his power to win my case, because he believes in justice, and because he cares about his clients and their rights.


When my son got into trouble, it was the first time. I looked at the possible penalties he was facing. I considered letting him go with a court-appointed attorney, But the stakes were too high. I called Nathan and he answered his phone even though it was almost midnight. He met with my son the next morning, and I waited nervously, thinking of ways to post bail. When Nathan called, my son was with him and free. I truly feel God led me to Nathan's name


The services he provided to me can be characterized as superb.  Specifically, I appreciate the dedication that he has brought to my case.  He is not afraid to take on large corporations, and has always addressed my concerns in a prompt and professional manner.


I'm very appreciative of the service I've been provided.  I've been educated as well as assisted with my legal issues.  I am thankful for Mr. Burney's hard work and dedication to my case.


I am an out of state client, and Mr. Burney went above and beyond his duty to help me with my case. He was able to reduce my bail from $100,000 to $5,000.


You get results.




Nathaniel is one of the finest courtroom lawyers it has ever been my privilege to see in action. He is poised and is always in control of not only the courtroom itself, but also of his adversaries. I would recommend him to any person who asks and make it a point to include him on any case in which I am working.


Your closing put John Grisham to shame!  Great, great job!!


You were great!  Really impressive.


Nathan settled our case quickly, and we were extremely satisfied with the outcome. He is professional, knowledgeable, competent, helpful and fair. It was a real pleasure working with him. I highly recommend Nathan Burney!


Mr. Burney has extended to me the gift of gracious hospitality and genuine care, as a client.  From my first correspondence to him, I was set at ease and made to feel that my situation was one that he genuinely cared about and would do his best to address.  He is very accessible, and responds quickly to his client's questions and needs for clarification.  He keeps his clients informed.  His patient and active listening to complex information was balanced by skillful discernment of the issues and the relevant information he needed to achieve a just resolution


Nathan Burney is a talented lawyer who develops excellent rapport with witnesses. He obtains information that others would often fail to get. He has an uncanny ability to find the causal links that bind seemingly random facts into a coherent story. He is a thoughtful lawyer who focuses on his client's best interests


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